Grenada: Grenada to develop model to decriminalise and legalise marijuana use

Grenada is to develop its own model for cultivation, distribution, supply and use of marijuana as it moves forward to enforce aspects of the Caricom Marijuana Commission report, which will result in decriminalising and or legalising of the drug. Marijuana is presently illegal on the law books.

“Just like alcohol, like cigarettes, marijuana days for decriminalising, for legalising is coming too, that is a fact. The question is how it is done, what extent we go in dealing with the law as it relates to that drug use is something that will come forward,” Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell said during a townhall meeting for residents in the constituency of St George’s South.

“Trinidad has done its share. It says you can use a certain level of marijuana at your home with a certain number of trees you can have at home. Barbados has done something different. Dominica has done something different,” he said, referring to the different approaches adopted by regional jurisdiction for the free use and trading of marijuana. “Grenada will be doing its own.” Dr Mitchell reminded the audience that over the years the whole question about the use of marijuana and views of people have changed.


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