Suriname: The Public Prosecution Service reclaims SRD 2 million and 1 million euros in the Hoefdraad and Kromosoeto case

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) has recovered SRD 2 million and 1 million euros in the criminal case against the suspects Gillmore Hoefdraad and Ginmardo Kromosoeto.

A preliminary investigation by the Public Prosecution Service by the examining magistrate against the suspects Hoefdraad, former Minister of Finance and Ginmardo Kromosoeto, former director of the Surinamese Post Savings Bank, has resulted in the amounts being recovered and paid back for the benefit of the state, let the OM know.

Hoefdraad is still on the run and sought after internationally. In the case of Kromosoeto, it concerns a criminal investigation against the suspect Robert van Trikt, former governor of the Central Bank of Suriname, and others.

It concerns money paid out by the suspects to third parties who did not claim it. Furthermore, the investigation has resulted in a real estate worth 100,000 euros being returned to the bosom of the state, as well as a cancellation of a mortgage on another real estate belonging to the state, OM reports.


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