Suriname: Brunswijk: “Government is working on official status of small-scale gold mining”

During the budget debate in the National Assembly, Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk indicated that the government is working on an official status for small-scale gold mining.

The group of workers consists of 15,000 to 20,000 small miners, each of whom has an average household of at least four people to maintain. The Small-Scale Gold Sector Planning Commission will register these pork chops through the concessionaire.

The buy-back of gold is being ordered and the registered pork-breeder will have to pay royalties, in accordance with the Mining Act. This project should start to deliver results within three to six months.

In addition, these pork knokkers will be trained by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Grassalco to use alternative means in the mining of gold. The ultimate result will be that, in accordance with the Minamata Convention, the mercury use will be reduced to zero. In this process, other substances that harm the environment and human health will be banned, reports Directorate of Public Communication.


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