Jamaica: BITING BACK – Dog-Attack Law Expected To Be Passed Today; 5-Y-O Victim Needs Plastic Surgery

The blurred yet graphic photograph of five-year-old Mickele Allen, his hands and feet lacerated and scalp blood-red from a ferocious attack by a pack of hounds, will embolden Justice Minister Delroy Chuck to press through passage of the new dog-bite law in Parliament this afternoon, the culmination of a fight to hold negligent owners criminally responsible.

Deliberations on the Dogs (Liability for Attacks) Bill will resume at the committee stage before passage by lawmakers in the House of Representatives.

Chuck said he was jolted by the trauma suffered by young Mickele and views the incident as a tragic example of why the proposed law seeks to penalise offenders and curb the incidence of dog attacks.

“I certainly am very sympathetic. I feel it’s a most unfortunate case that should never have happened,” he told The Gleaner on Monday night.


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