Suriname: NDP: “Government wants to eradicate NDP root and branch”

The NDP group regrets the method of arrest of former vice president and assembly member Ashwin Adhin. This act appears as things are now occurring, according to the NDP also after consultation of some experts, completely in violation of the law of 27 August 2007, amending the Act on charges against political office holders (SB 2001 no. 72) , the NDP writes in a statement.

Arresting critical opposition members in such a questionable manner, trampling law and law, is, according to the NDP, a serious violation of democracy and the right of members of the National Assembly. “Members of the opposition and former office holders are criminalized in advance by the government and coalition members before solid legal facts are based, nor is there a judicial verdict. This in the light of overshadowing the real problems in the country from which society must be derived. ”

In that context, it is very expedient that this action takes place at the time when the government answers critical questions from the National Assembly (DNA), the NDP writes in a statement. In addition, promotions have been announced this week from various unions. Attention is deliberately diverted from the failing policy and the strict measures that the government has taken and will take at the expense of the people.


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