Jamaica: ‘They’re Not Qualified’ – CEO-In-Waiting Of Mining Investors Bashes Environmentalists

A former deputy commissioner of the Government’s Mines and Geology Division tapped for a leadership role in the controversy-plagued Jamaica World LLC has warned that much of the criticism of the Puerto Bueno Mountains quarrying plan is misplaced noise.

Kashif Sweet, Jamaica World’s managing partner, revealed in an exclusive interview with The Gleaner on Saturday that Ronald Edwards was being eyed for the role of chief executive officer.

A petition was launched on Sunday by residents insistent that the Holness administration was wrong when it overturned a decision by the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), a state environmental watchdog, denying Jamaica World a mining and quarrying permit.

Edwards was at the consultation in 2010 in his government position when a precursor company sought mining privileges, and like he did then, he is encouraging residents and lobbyists to visit the site to examine some of the concerns.


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