Beyond Meat’s new burger is way healthier. But how will it taste?

Ask any expert how to make a classic American hamburger, and the secret is the meat: 80/20 beef is the gold standard for gastropubs and backyard BBQs, meaning that 80% of the mix is lean protein, and 20% is luscious, flavor-delivering fat.

When Beyond Meat launched its first Beyond Burger in 2016, it modeled its plant-based patty after 80/20 beef, integrating its mix with saturated fats from sources like coconut oil. But today, the company is announcing the third generation of the ever-improving Beyond Burger. After a year in development, it will offer consumers the option to eat mock meat with less fat.

The third generation of Beyond Meat splits the Beyond Burger into two distinct products. The first is an improved recipe that promises a more neutral, but also meatier, flavor, with a fat footprint that’s meant to mimic 80/20 beef (though with about 35% less saturated fat). It’s the Beyond Burger you know, made better. The second new product is a leaner Beyond Burger, with a lower-fat recipe that mimics 90/10 beef, with about 55% less saturated fat. (Beyond Meat isn’t reporting the exact grams of fat in their products before they pass regulatory standards.) Both now have additional B vitamins and minerals to provide macronutrients more similar to beef.


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