After 30 years, PepsiCo redesigned the two-liter bottle. Here’s why

Close your eyes, and I bet you can describe the distinct sensation of pouring soda out of a fresh two-liter bottle. When you pour your first glass, it’s this sturdy but unwieldy torpedo in your hands, glugging and fizzing its way into your glass. Somewhere around two or three glasses, you find the right balance. But as you pour your last glass, and the bottle begins to empty, its structure begins to collapse, and pouring the last few ounces is as tricky as the first.

First designed in 1970 by PepsiCo and improved into the 1990s, the two-liter bottle is an imperfect mainstay of the soft drink industry. But today, after 30 years of being unchanged, the two-liter is getting a complete makeover. PepsiCo is beginning the rollout of a curvier new bottle that’s easier to grip and balance in your hand, while consuming slightly less plastic in the process. The update will come to all its major soft drink brands.


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