Why it took David E. Talbert two decades to make ‘Jingle Jangle,’ his Black Christmas classic

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey has all the familiar beats of a classic Christmas movie: There’s the gruff yet lovable guy who’s given up on believing in magic. There’s the plucky kid who turns his world around with her pollyannaish charm. And there’s a whole soundtrack of show stopping numbers.

However, what makes Jingle Jangle undeniably special is how writer and director David E. Talbert dresses that framework.

The world of Jingle Jangle centers an all-Black cast in a Victorian period setting that’s been richly draped in African culture. From the wardrobe, to the music, to the characters, there’s a vibrancy in Jingle Jangle‘s representation that feels singular, especially for a Christmas movie.

And all Talbert needed to capture it was his wife and son, free creative rein from Netflix—and 20 years.


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