Suriname: Mining activities in waterways no longer tolerated

Natural Resources (NH) Minister David Abiamofo paid a visit to the operating skalians on the Marowijne River in Sipaliwini district in connection with the formulation of the mining policy. Mining activities in the border rivers are no longer tolerated and will be stopped, says the NH minister.

The discontinuation is in accordance with government policy in the field of mining. The NH chief has personally oriented himself and handed over reminders to the various skalian holders. He emphasized that pollution in the waterways and on the reservoir must be prevented. Minister Abiamofo indicated that the different communities and the French suffer a lot from the severe environmental pollution caused by the operating skalians.

The minister also indicated that a new trend is developing, in which the skalians are also entering the banks of the rivers. The trajectory that will be deployed must result in the operations of the skalians becoming a thing of the past in a structural way.

Prior to the visit, the minister has already addressed some of the skalian holders and discussed the policy. The prospect is that the skalian holders, who have not yet been reached, will still be visited. At a later time there will also be an expedition to the Lawa River.


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