St. Vincent & Grenadines: Luke was SVG’s most disrespectful politician — Leacock

New Democratic Party vice-president St. Clair Leacock has welcomed the victory of Dwight Fitzgerald Bramble, his party’s candidate in East Kingstown, and described his opponent, Luke Browne, as the most disrespectful person in politics in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

In the Nov. 5 general elections, Bramble, a first-time candidate, defeated Browne, who was making his third attempt to win the seat for the Unity Labour Party. 

During the campaign, Browne described Bramble as a “Johnny-come-lately” who will not be allowed to impose himself on constituents.

“Plenty thing ain’t talk yet. But there’s a lot of thing to talk in this election campaign. Because if anybody feel that they can impose themselves on the people of East Kingstown, anybody without scruples or morals or anything at all, going to impose themselves on the people of East Kingstown, going to come from where they come from, and interrupt a process and a programme, which is intended to deliver maximum benefit for the people of that constituency, they wouldn’t be coming up against Luke Browne, they will be coming up against the electorate, and the electorate will speak with a vengeance,” Browne said during a campaign even in July.


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