Professor Badass? Bozoma Saint John to lead a Harvard B-School workshop on authenticity

In addition to courses in finance, strategy, and marketing, Harvard Business School’s future captains of industry will have the chance to get introspective and “live every day with the urgency of now” in a workshop led by Netflix Chief Marketing Officer Bozoma Saint John and professors Frances Frei and Francesca Gino.

The session, titled “Anatomy of a Badass”—a nod to Saint John’s nickname; her Instagram handle is @badassboz—is not part of HBS’s required curriculum. It is one of several short intensive programs (or SIPs) Harvard offers its MBA candidates between academic terms to expose students to career options or topics outside their area of study.

“Anatomy of a Badass” and other SIPs will be offered virtually January 11 to 15.

“A lot of the message of this course is, how do we learn about embracing who we are and [to] do so with vulnerability and authenticity,” says Gino, a professor in the negotiations, organizations, and markets unit at the business school. Adds Frei, a professor of technology and operations management: “Our students, in particular, can be perfectionists. All three of us would say perfectionism actually gets in the way of authenticity, because you only give people a narrow version, and maybe not even an authentic version, of yourself.”


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