Dominican Republic: Surveillance and controls are key in Covid reduction

At a time when specialists and daily reports warn about a slight increase in test positivity and occupation of Covid-19 beds in the country, health authorities assure that except for the occupation of ICU beds, all other indicators of the behavior of the virus maintain a sustained downward trend—different from what is seen in other countries.

This reduction trend, said the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Plutarco Arias, the Director of Epidemiology, Ronald Skews, and the adviser on Covid, Eddy Perez. Then, evidence that in the Dominican Republic, things are working against the prevention and control of the virus, presenting outbreaks in some countries and forcing them to return to confinement.

They attribute this trend to several reasons, including the tracking of cases by province, the increase in the number of diagnostic tests performed, maintaining confinement through mobility control by extended curfew, early treatment of cases, and the use of masks, hand washing, and distancing.


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