Suriname: Veira takes steps against crime journalist Leistra; calls in lawyer Gonesh

Daniëlla Veira, director of the National Security Directorate, thinks her name was incorrectly mentioned in the recently published book “The drug mafia dictates; the murder of Derk Wiersum and the undermining of our rule of law ”, written by Gerlof Leistra. In this book, Veira’s name is associated with a Surinamese Dutchman Greg F., who is presented as a rising star in the criminal circuit.

On page 197 the following is stated: “Greg F. is often in Suriname and has good contact with the head of the Surinamese Security Service, Daniëlle Veira. She is considered a confidant of Bouterse. ”

In response to this, Veira has engaged the Dutch-based lawyer Aroon Gonesh to represent her interests in this matter. The lawyer has brought to the attention of the author and publisher that the mention of his client’s name in the book, read in the context in which it is placed and the further contents of the book, falsely suggests that she and it National Security Directorate would be involved in (serious) criminal activities, or at least facilitate such activities.


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