Suriname: First lady lights slide in Saramacca

First lady Mellisa Santokhi-Seenacherry on Wednesday, in the presence of district commissioner Sherin Bansi-Durga from Saramacca, students of OS Jarikaba and senior citizens in Groningen, initiated the celebration of the Diwali celebration by lighting the slide. The first lady indicated on that occasion that despite the difficult period we are experiencing as a country, there is hope for a better future.

“Large parts of the population are plunged into poverty, our country has entered a total crisis, but despite all the problems, I say there is hope.

The Diwali party is celebrated on Saturday, November 14. According to Hindu mythology, there are a number of reasons why Hindus around the world celebrate this festival of lights. The return of Lord Rama to his kingdom of Ayodhia after defeating Ravana, the king of Lanka. Lord Krishna’s victory over demon Narkasura. Diwali is also dedicated to Maha Laksmi, the consort of God Vishnu, the personification of light, happiness, prosperity, wisdom and the symbol of the ideal woman.


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