How a capsule wardrobe can inspire focus during long-term remote work

We all make hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions every single day. As a result, many people (myself included) find themselves dealing with decision fatigue, a term coined by psychologist Roy F. Baumeister. What is decision fatigue? It’s the idea that daily decision-making depletes a source of mental energy, of which there is a limited supply each day. And unsurprisingly, decision fatigue can have major negative impacts on a person’s productivity.

I recently decided to eliminate one decision I had to make each day as a hedge against decision fatigue. I created a capsule wardrobe that eliminates the need to decide what I should wear during the workweek.

Even though I work from home, I still regularly have to appear on camera for video calls, so it’s important for me to look put together. But I don’t want to spend time and mental energy every day picking out clothing items that would allow me to accomplish that. This means I need a go-to collection of comfortable clothing that’s also camera-ready (even if it doesn’t technically qualify as business casual, which I’d wear to in-person meetings).


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