Bahamas: Amended emergency orders reintroduces 14-day quarantine period

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Travelers from New Providence to other islands of The Bahamas will be required once again to quarantine for 14-days, according to an amendment to the latest emergency orders.

As part of its new travel regime, the government discontinued the proposed rapid antigen test and the mandatory 14-day quarantine requirement upon arrival.

In the Emergency Powers (Covid 19 Pandemic) (No.11) Order, 2020, inter-island travel requires a travel health visa, and in instances of travel from New Providence, a follow-up up rapid antigen test of the fifth day of stay.

The order was signed on November 9.

The Emergency Powers (COVID-19 Pandemic) (No. 11) Amendment) Order, 2020, signed today reads: “A person travelling from New Providence shall be required, upon arrival on the other island, to submit to mandatory quarantine at a government identified facility or any other appropriate facility as determined by the Ministry of Health, at his own expense, for a period of fourteen days or for the duration of stay, if for a lesser period.”


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