This robotic kitchen startup is coming for Sweetgreen’s lunch

The first thing you do at Boston fast-casual eatery Spyce is line up at a digital kiosk. There, you select a salad or bowl like The Bungalow, a brown basmati rice bowl with coconut curry sauce, brussels sprouts, carrots, and chili lime cashews. If that doesn’t appeal, you can also order take-out online.

So far, so Sweetgreen.

But then things get interesting. While several pairs of hands might touch an order from Sweetgreen or Just Salad on an assembly line, often the first person at Spyce who touches your food is you.

That’s because all of Spyce’s food is cooked using robots in a setup that Spyce calls the “Infinite Kitchen.” A bowl travels along a conveyor belt as ingredients kept at different temperatures are dropped in through a series of funnels. Super-heated steamers heat grains that can be used as a base, while ingredients like proteins are seared on hot planchas until they are caramelized and dropped in.


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