Suriname: Assembly member Adhin demands transparency regarding payment of salaries without a loan

At various times, President Chan Santokhi and Finance and Planning Minister Armand Achaibersing have indicated that civil servants’ wages and government grants have been paid without loans. NDP assembly member Ashwin Adhin yesterday raised questions about this to the government during the discussion of the 2020 budget in The National Assembly (DNA).

During a working visit to Drietabbetje, the president said the government had found an empty state coffers three months ago and assumed a debt of US $ 4 billion. In two months’ time, the government arranged for the payment of salaries, pensions, general retirement benefits, general child benefits and financial assistance.

Adhin wants to be transparent about the payment of salaries and subsidies without loans. “You can give a lot of boast about yes we paid, but you don’t say how you paid and that comes under the dubious category. And I can tell you that if you bring in outside experts to investigate corruption, the first to fall will be the treasury secretary, ”said the assembly member.


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