Jamaica: NEAR DEATH – Girl Survives River’s Clutches As Rains Turn Nine Miles Into Disaster Zone

Victoria Johnson, still traumatised by a weekend of wretched weather, was unable to eat the food handed her by a neighbour in Nine Miles, St Andrew, on Monday.

The 74-year-old clung to her doorjamb while remembering how the swollen Chalky River, emboldened by storm rains, sent stones and mud thundering through her yard around 11 o’clock Sunday night.

Despite the damage to her house, Johnson was more worried about her neighbour, 11-year-old Tiandra Robinson, who sustained injuries when she was washed away by the river.

“When I saw the lot of water and the likkle girl likkle most … ,” said Johnson, her voice halting with dread as she considered the child’s near death.

“It’s like it just get to me head, really, ‘cause me trouble with pressure,” she said of her hypertensive state.


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