Grenada: Yello Media Group celebrates Caribbean, Grenadian culture with 2021 directories

The rich composite culture of the Caribbean infused with the flavour of Grenada, is brilliantly highlighted with the release of Yello Media Group’s 2021 directories.

Regional Sales Manager Vanetta Charlemagne said beginning with a cover that boasts the vivid brushstrokes of Jamil Frank, a young visual artist from Petite Martinique, the new directories captured the rich culture of the Caribbean as embodied in its music, food, art, language and people.

“Sun, Sand, Sea and Soca? We’re all of those things and more! Caribbean people are a composite of characteristics that converge to create our rich culture. Yello Grenada wants to highlight not only aspects of Grenadian culture, but of the Caribbean as a whole. So, the 2021 issue of the Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique the telephone directory is themed ‘Celebrating Caribbean Culture’.


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