Ghetto Splash Goes Virtual For 2020 – Beenie Man, Popcaan Confirmed

Ever since the conclusion of last year’s show, organisers of the annual Ghetto Splash concert had begun putting plans in place for the 2020 staging. Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 pandemic having caused a total lockdown of the local entertainment industry, those plans had to be altered. Event organiser Patrick Roberts told The Gleaner that following the cancellation of several major shows this year, he and his team took the decision a few months ago to go virtual. He outlined that instead of not having the event at all, this year, patrons will be treated to Ghetto Splash 2020: The Virtual Experience, and they have an ambitious target of one million viewers.

“The entire world is at the mercy of this pandemic. What we’re seeing with this virus is not anything normal. Of course, we were watching to see if it would ease, but we realised from about summer that there was no way we could pack 10,000 people in a venue, and so we started planning ‘Ghetto Splash 2020: The Virtual Experience’,” he said.


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