Trinidad & Tobago: Update: TTCG says limers were held on a boat near Chaguaramas

The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard said a group of people gathered on a boat were detained in breach of the public health regulations.

In a statement, the TTCG said they responded yesterday to reports of an overloaded motor vessel slipping berth from Alcan Bay, Chaguaramas.

The TTCG said the vessel was intercepted and escorted back to Alcan Bay where a headcount was done – the TTCG said there were 76 passengers and crew, consisting of 40 women and 36 men.

The TTCG they were handed over to the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) for further processing.

The TTCG reminded that as per the Public Health Ordinance, it is illegal to be a part of any gathering over 10 while conducting any marine activity.

The TTCG said it will continue to ensure the safety and security of citizens with regular patrols.


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