St. Vincent & Grenadines: Jemalie, it’s five in a row

Jemalie John, in his commentary, makes much of the fact that a number of fresh faces did well in the recent general election, and also that the ULP lost the popular vote.

I have just a couple of questions for Mr. John:  who was victorious in the election? The ULP retained government, right? And they did so with one additional seat, right?

Secondly, has John reflected on what it takes to win five elections in a row? The compulsion to change the government becomes stronger. People naturally get tired of the same old faces, the same old government. Twenty years is a mighty long time. They want to see fresh faces; they want to give someone else a chance. Let there be change, even if only for the sake of change itself. No wonder there a number of good performances from fresh faces in both parties. And no wonder indeed that there was a diminution in the ULP’s share of the popular vote.

It had to be change itself, and a sense of giving someone else a chance. It could not have been because of the NDP’s promised programmes and policies, could it? You mean that voters were enamoured of the proposed switch from Taiwan to China?  You mean that voters were thrilled at the promise of a passport-selling programme?  Really?  Yet these were the two major planks of the NDP’s platform — although I am advised that, befuddlingly, the word China does not appear in the party’s manifesto.


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