Jamaica: Government Moving To Retrieve Taino Artefacts From UK

The Ministry of Culture is moving to retrieve precolonial indigenous sculptures being housed at the British Museum in the United Kingdom (UK).

These are Taino wooden sculptures the ‘Boinayel figures’ and ‘Birdman’.

Portfolio Minister, Olivia Grange, said that “as Minister, I am determined to ensure the repatriation of cultural objects taken from Jamaica, which constitute our rich cultural heritage,” she noted.

She was speaking at the recent virtual staging of the Institute of Jamaica (IOJ) Heritage Fest.

Grange said the return of the artefacts “will fill the gaps in our history that are critical to the process of understanding ourselves and fostering greater cultural awareness”.

She informed that the Ministry, with the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, has initiated the process of “engaging our British partners” to get the artefacts.


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