T-Mobile gives cord-cutters what thTey want, and media companies aren’t happy about it

Last week, T-Mobile announced a new streaming TV service called TVision. While it’s still just one of many alternatives to cable TV, it’s unique in that it splits most entertainment channels into a separate bundle from news, sports, and local channels. The non-sports package, whose 30 channels include Discovery, Food Network, Comedy Central, and AMC, costs just $10 per month, while the other bundle starts at $40 per month.

But apparently, Discovery CEO David Zaslav isn’t too pleased with this arrangement. In an earnings call (as reported by Cord Cutters News), Zaslav said the company was “very surprised” at T-Mobile’s packaging, adding that it was in “active discussions” to resolve the issue. “We don’t believe they have a right to do what they’re doing right now,” Zaslav said.

Reached for comment, a T-Mobile spokesperson said, “We are of course complying with our content agreements, and we are absolutely open to evolving our services to make them even better for consumers.”


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