Suriname: Conservation of paintings high on the Culture agenda

The conservation of paintings is high on the agenda of the Culture Directorate. Not only paintings belonging to the state paintings, but also others that are in galleries and private collections must retain their value, says Culture Director Roseline Daan. She is pleased that there are organizations and individuals who, despite the limited resources and possibilities, do everything they can to preserve works of art.

Daan refers to the Cultural Center Suriname (CCS) where paintings have been stored properly for more than twenty years to the best of his ability. The entire estate of Robin Ravales (Dobru) is in boxes at the CCS as untouched as his widow has given it to the CCS, Daan knows.

The painting by Nola Hatterman after whom the art academy is named was found there. However, this is not between pots and pans as previously reported to Daan. There are also paintings in an unsuitable space on the directorate. A good part has been seriously damaged, while a number has also been torn from the frames and taken with them.


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