Meme makers enlist Sesame Street’s Count von Count in the fight to tally every vote

As we enter Day 3 of election counting in the United States, the world is watching with bated breath, all of us waiting for the flood of legitimately cast mail votes to be delivered and tallied so American citizens can learn which presidential candidate they’ve chosen to lead for the next four years.

And as one hour stretches into two hours, stretches into 62 hours, so stretches the urgency of the American people—of both the wearied state poll workers ripping open envelopes and of the entranced public with news websites pulled up on their computer screens, refreshing election result pages again and again as if to encourage them to “count, count, count . . .”

Except, of course, for President Donald Trump, who has seen his lead in several crucial swing states diminish as millions of mail votes, which tend to be heavily Democrat, are gradually tallied. On Thursday morning, the president tweeted, “STOP THE COUNT!”:


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