Stocks & Bonds Surge To Record Post-Election Gain

While uncertainty reigns over who will reside in The White House for the next four years, one thing was definitively decided last night, the ‘blue-wave’ crashed and burned.

Which for many “pollsters” and “experts” was inconceivable a week ago.

And in response, assuming a Biden win and deflationary impulse, stocks and bonds were panic-bid (Nasdaq up a stunning 5% and TSY yields down a shocking 10-15bps).

Which is the biggest post-election-day rally for the S&P in history.

Nasdaq was today’s biggest winner however as growth mega-tech was aggressively, and value-heavy Small Caps lagged notably…

The Dow managed to bounce off its 200DMA all the way back above its 50DMA, but this afternoon’s weakness was it battle to keep that…

Bank stocks were battered (especially regional banks) as rates collapsed.


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