Socially distanced design is this year’s hottest fashion trend. See the latest, weirdest example

The coronavirus has emphasized the need for personal space. And we’re now starting to see this particularly 2020 way of living play out in the clothes we wear.

Case in point? A recent graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven, Anna Dienemann, created a graduation design project, “Bounding spaces,” that makes it difficult for others to come within six feet of you, even if they try.

The adaptable “distance keeper” is like a more artistic version of a pitched tent that you wear on your body. Fabric is stretched across a pliable frame that the user compresses into a kind of vest when not in use. When the wearer enters a public space, they can simply unfurl the accessory. It’s like a modern-day hoop skirt but splashed with painterly colors and made in abstract shapes.


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