Trinidad & Tobago: Duke meets with DSS boss, gives PM ultimatum

Leader of the Public Services Association (PSA), Watson Duke met with founder of Drugs Sou Sou (DSS), Kerron ‘Preeze’ Clarke, at his office today.  

In a Facebook live following the meeting, Duke said the PSA is considering joining with DSS to help them get answers. 

“I want you to know that I am standing with Mr Clarke on this ground. So long as poor people’s money is involved in that and so long as workers’ money is involved in that, I am involved,” he declared. 

Duke revealed that the situation which led to police indefinitely seizing almost $8 million last week involves him because hundreds of PSA members invested in DSS. 

“As a man in whom many, I would say, not only many, but thousands of our members have invested in. We have been compiling a list. What you see here represents only about 200 members of the PSA that would have invested their money and that’s only what we have here,” he said. 


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