Suriname: NVB bus holders denounce actions of the chairman of the supervisory board

Bus owners employed by the National Transport Company (NVB) denounce the actions of chairman of the supervisory board Fariyal Renfurm, daughter of vice president Ronnie Brunswijk. Bus owners have not been allowed to use their buses for months because their contracts are being evaluated.

“The president of the supervisory board evaluates our contracts, but she holds several positions and we are not allowed to work to earn a living. She signs on the letters as president of the supervisory board, but also meets with us as acting director of NVB, ”the bush owners indicate in conversation with Suriname Herald.

According to the bus keepers, she holds more than four positions, but is causing some confusion as she acts as chairman of the board at certain times and as acting director at some meetings. Since the departure of NVB director Guno Robinson, she has been the one who observes and determines everything here, say the bus owners.


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