6 energy-boosting tips to combat pandemic fatigue

If you’ve been crawling towards the finish line at the tail end of each work day, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, you’re probably part of the current status quo. More than 76% of workers are tired most days of the week, according to a study by the Virgin Pulse Institute. And that research didn’t even take into consideration the new abnormal of COVID-19 where many of us are working from home while juggling the demands of family and virtual school.

Since the pandemic swooped in, life got a whole lot more exhausting, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Try out these supercharged strategies I use with my business coaching clients to get them more energy, optimize their performance, and increase productivity—no coffee required.


Eighty percent of smartphone users check their phone as their first morning activity according to a 2013 IDC Research study. By checking email or social media first thing, you relinquish control of your mood, energy, and forthcoming schedule before you’ve wiped the sleep out of your eyes.


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