Jamaica: Life Over Votes – Holness To Squeal On Rogues Building In Danger Zones, Willing To Suffer Hit At Polls


Member of Parliament Juliet Holness has threatened to report residents in St Andrew East Rural who construct homes in contravention of the law and warned that she would be willing to suffer the consequences of losing electoral support.

Holness’ seat was hit hard last week by flooding triggered by heavy rains associated with then Tropical Storm Zeta, sparking landslides, road damage, and the deaths of two persons. The national toll on roads, bridges, and agriculture has cleared $3 billion.

Urgings to evacuate from cliffside dwellings have caused her to get flak, Holness said, but she warned that sandy and shaly soil could not support concrete structures.

“I saw one in Marl Road, and I spoke to them, and I told the community members that if they build a concrete structure, contact me immediately. I will be going back to check.


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