Cuba: Cuba has big stake in U.S. election after Trump’s trashing of detente

HAVANA (Reuters) – Pensioner Esperanza Chacón, 89, prays every day for Donald Trump to lose the U.S. presidential election. Like many Cubans, her livelihood has been threatened by Trump’s tightening of the U.S. trade embargo on the Communist-run island.

Chacon’s son in Miami sends her the equivalent of $60 to $100 a month, to supplement her state pension worth just $12. But the Trump administration’s latest Cuba sanction, unveiled last month, looks set to cut off remittances.

“He’s ending my ability to live and feed myself, at this age!” said Chacon. “So I’m praying every day he doesn’t win the elections.”

Cuba has more at stake in the upcoming U.S. election than most countries in Latin America as the Trump administration has focused much of its foreign policy in the region on measures aimed, it says, at bringing about democracy in the country and its socialist ally Venezuela.

Trump unraveled a detente with Cuba started by former President Barack Obama, a Democrat, that had fostered remittances and travel to the Caribbean isle, as well as foreign investment and the private sector.


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