Suriname: Education minister wants to get rid of ‘memorization’

Minister Marie Levens of Education, Science and Culture (MinOWC) wants to get rid of the memorization system. “There will no longer be memorized,” she recently told parliament. The people who memorize and graduate often wait enough for someone to offer them a job. “That job is not going to come,” she says. In this way she wants to add entrepreneurship to education so that people can help themselves and support themselves.

Levens also wants to get rid of the curriculum-related system among teachers. She notices that teachers still stick to finishing the subject matter. This means that the students have to know page to page by heart. For example, students must know by heart how many mud and sandbanks lie off the coast of Suriname, but do not know what the banks are for, the minister illustrates.

“We really need to change our education,” she believes. Pupils must understand the content and if one does not understand it, one must look it up. Pupils must also dare to ask questions.


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