Barbados: Home Affairs Minister says more must be done to Help ex-prisoners

Minister of Home Affairs, Information and Public Affairs Wilfred Abrahams is calling for more to be done to help convicted felons after they have served their time in prison, to ensure they return to society and contribute without prejudice.

His comments came during Wednesday’s launch of the book entitled The Barbados Prison System: Chronicles of Incarceration, Death, Riots and Reformation, written by criminologist Kim Ramsay.

Abrahams, who read the book and reflected on his own experiences as a criminal defence lawyer, said the time had long passed to end the stigma associated with reformed convicts.

“If we are saying to somebody, ‘you can be a useful member of society’, then it is our duty, all of us who are in the system, to push for the things that we need to make the prison stay meaningful for the betterment of the persons who have been incarcerated,” he said.


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