The real truth behind wealth creation: Part 2

The Black Experience

The ‘Great’ British Empire expanded through the continuation of the institutionalised aristocratic system, now being applied extraordinarily, and aggressively, void of any semblance of morality to African people. The Slavery production model drove exponential growth for Britain, beginning with the Transatlantic Slave Trade, continually evolving right through to post-colonial times.

People of African descent became the new economic engine for European expansion and multi-generational wealth creation. Systematically transitioning over the centuries. Continually being reinforced under the white supremacy lie and the duplicity of Christianity. Religion, can’t be denied, as one of the greatest instruments of white supremacy manipulation and control in the history of civilisation. Religion remains one of the greatest pillar architects of inequality structures and systems of injustice, that has become the enduring experience for Black people in the universe.

Consequently, economics remains at the core of this 400+ years experience. The entire wealth creation system, in the context of the Caribbean Slave Plantation system and colonialism, was created to leverage and maximise land wealth. By systematically extracting natural and human resources from plantation-based economies in the Caribbean to facilitate global commerce for the enrichment of Europeans.


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