Haiti: PM And University Officials Meet Under Cloud Of Student Protests, Fatal Shooting

Haiti’s Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe met with Fritz Deshommes, the head of the University of Haiti (UEH), and Normal Superior School (ENS) officials on Tuesday at The Bicentenaire in Port-au-Prince.

Students from both institutions have been protesting against the country’s rampant insecurity and many of their marches have led to clashes between them and the police. Gregory Saint-Hilaire, an ENS student, was shot on campus Oct 2. Witnesses said a National Palace security guard was the shooter.

However, it appears neither the protests nor Saint-Hilaire’s killing were discussed.

On social media, Jouthe said they discussed student internships, building the next UEH campus, cafeterias in different faculties, and finding a temporary location for ‘ENS while its new campus is being built


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