Suriname: The Greenheart timber company removes workers with a heavy hand

Workers from the Greenheart timber company, who had registered at the company’s headquarters at Duisburglaan in Paramaribo, were removed by the police. The workers had signed up because they still have to be paid. It has been seven months since these workers have not received any wages. It concerns a group of approximately 22 workers.

The workers have withdrawn to the C-47 building. They are distraught and indicate that they can no longer cope with the situation. “We have our families to support. Our children do not go to school because we did not buy school supplies. We don’t have that money. It seems like we should come and beg while we worked for the money. All of this started with that of a nose cap, ”they say in conversation with Suriname Herald. These are workers who work in Apoera.

The employees say they feel abandoned because they had been back to Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk for a week. He had promised to take steps, but they haven’t heard from him anymore.

“The company does what it wants. We have now sent the message to President Chan Santokhi. He has said that he is busy and we are waiting, ”said union chairman Robby Berenstein.


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