Suriname: Brunswick: “Divide and rule politics among indigenous people must end”

“There should be no divide and rule policy among the indigenous people”. Vice President (vp) Ronnie Brunswijk stated this in sharp terms on Monday during a working visit by the Association of Indigenous Village Heads in Suriname (VIDS). Brunswick is in favor of all policy matters of the indigenous people going through the VIDS.

Some points discussed during the meeting are the approach to COVID-19 in the villages and the need for food aid in connection with the pandemic. The representatives of the VIDS also brought the need to reopen the scheduled service between Apoera, Kawemhaken and Donderskamp to the attention of the VP. The fact that the schools in Galibi and Wayambo have not yet started was also discussed.

The VP would like to see VIDS write a development plan for the indigenous villages based on its expertise and experiences. This plan could be included as part of the Multi-Year Development Plan (MOP).

The VIDS indicated that it would start an awareness campaign on the collective rights of the indigenous and tribal peoples on November 12. Prior to launch, the organization will make presentations on the subject to the Council of Ministers and the National Assembly.


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