Loss To Agriculture Sector Due To Rain Over $1 Billion

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has indicated that the damage to crops, livestock and infrastructure caused by continuous rainfall over the last four days is almost at $1 billion and counting.

Minister Floyd Green stated that approximately 14,076 hectares of crops were lost, affecting 11,072 farmers. 

Among the crops lost were legumes, vegetables, condiments, fruits, cereal, plantains, bananas, Irish and sweet potatoes, yam, cassava and sorrel.

“Based on preliminary data received, the loss for livestock is estimated at some $30.4 million, affecting 755 farmers. The heaviest losses were from poultry of 414 broilers and layer birds at an estimated value of $12 million. Another area of significant losses is apiculture with damage to 5,190 colonies valued at $10 million and impacting 95 farmers. Sixty-two beef and dairy cattle valued at $6 million were also lost. There were also losses of 359 pigs and small ruminants, valuing some $7 million,” a statement from Green read.


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