Jamaica: Gully Bank Threat – Holness Talks Tough On No-Build Zones As Flood Bill Nears $3b

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has sounded a warning to Jamaicans who construct houses on gully banks and other areas prone to flooding, saying that his administration will take steps to establish “no-build zones”.

He contended that the Government would implement policies that compel Jamaicans to live in environmentally safe locations.

“In the face of these significant weather events, houses perched on hillsides which have been denuded, we know those houses are going to be at risk. We know there are going to be landslides,” the prime minister asserted on Tuesday.

In a statement to the House of Representatives on the flood damage from weekend rains, the prime minister charged that “at some point, as a society, we must come to the understanding that you cannot choose to go and live anywhere you feel”.


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