This AI-infused writing assistant helps you find the right words

Despite the explosion of technology, writing is still a remarkably old-fashioned process. Whether you’re using a pen and paper or a computer, your brain is on its own in transforming your thoughts into a coherent piece of prose.

But an Israeli company called AI21 Labs is hoping to change that with the launch of a new smart writing tool that can take your first attempt at communicating an idea and give you a bunch of alternatives. The tool, which comes in the form of a Chrome extension called Wordtune, can make suggestions on how to tweak your sentence while keeping its meaning the same, how to condense a sentence down to its most essential parts, and even how to change the tone from casual to formal.

“Words are crude and you don’t always find the exact words, though they exist,” says AI21 cofounder and co-CEO Yoav Shoham, who was a computer science professor at Stanford for nearly 30 years. “That’s true for all of us, even good writers. Our goal is to lessen the gap.”


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