Suriname: SWM must operate cost-effectively

During a meeting with the management of the Surinaamsche Waterleiding Maatschappij (SWM), President Chan Santokhi instructed the team to operate as cost-effective as possible. Where necessary, attention should be paid to the subjects to be subsidized. This is what Alwin Linger, SWM vice president of strategy and policy, says.

It will be determined in consultation with the government which subjects are involved. This is necessary to be able to provide the subjects who earn a subsidy with this in a correct manner. During the meeting, the head of state instructed the team to provide Suriname with good and healthy drinking water. That is why ideas were also exchanged with the head of government about actions to be taken to this end.

Linger says some important steps have already been taken. “We must recognize that there are still areas where people are still deprived of drinking water, or where they are still insufficiently supplied with drinking water. If we go for it and with the support of the government, I think it is possible. ”


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