Suriname: Parliamentarian Mangre no longer feels safe

Parliamentarian Reshma Mangre (VHP) no longer feels safe after being threatened with death on Facebook. In a Facebook post that ends with “blood must fall”, not only Mangre but also VHP parliamentarian Harriet Ramdien is threatened with death. Mangre has subsequently reported this to the police station of Houttuin. She is looking forward to the further processing of her declaration.

Mangre tells Suriname Herald that fake news was spread with a fake account of her earlier. It has not taken any steps against this. Now she has been startled by a message that was posted on Facebook and shared by the Facebook page De Waarheid, among others . She emphasizes that it is a life threat which she believes is far-reaching. The Facebook post indicates that she will be missing together with Ramdien.

Also in the capacity of chairman of the Bond van Leraren (BvL) and the Alliance for Teachers in Suriname (ALS), this is a serious threat to her address. “I don’t feel safe anymore,” she says. She hopes that threatening politicians does not become worse. President Chan Santokhi, his husband Mellisa Santokhi and his son Richano Santokhi have also previously been threatened with death by a Facebook user. This person has since been arrested and arrested by the police.

In the threatening post, Mangre is called a con man. Mangre is accused of promising so many things before May 25th, such as WiFi, salary increases and better treatment. After July nothing more was heard “so if something happened to Mangre she would have sought it herself”, it is written. “When both of you are without a trace, people will see how serious things are. Teachers of puppeteers. ”


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