Suriname: Government wants increased speed in developing policy areas

In order to boost economic development, the Santokhi government intends to develop certain policy areas at an accelerated pace already in the coming year. In response to this intention, a government delegation led by President Chan Santokhi had a presentation delivered by Peter Bhairo, senior consultant AP and G.

President Santokhi said some projects have already been identified in connection with this. “All that must now be carried out.” The head of state then named some projects that are ready for implementation. Bridges with mechanical tracks will be built for the crossing of boats in Futu Pasi and Drietabbetje.

A secondary school will be built in Moengo. In the Marowijne district, further projects to improve the water and electrification supply will be carried out.

A plan is ready for Commewijne for the use of a ferry connection. This with a view to solving the congestion problem. A refuse incinerator will be set up in Wanica, with the option of using waste to generate energy. A secondary school will also be set up in Para. Attention will also be paid here to vocational education.


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