Jamaica: No Bridge To Cross – Slow Pace Of Construction Forces Residents Of Font Hill And Surrounding Communities In St Thomas To Be Marooned By Rains

Displaced yet again by the floodwaters of the Dry River, despondent residents of Font Hill, Georgia and surrounding communities in St Thomas are at their wits’ end.

Though grateful for the new bridge being built to replace the badly damaged Coley Bridge in the area, the residents, who are marooned every time it rains with water completely disintegrating the detour route, are concerned that the construction is taking too long.

Calling on the necessary authorities, Fradian Murray, of New Monkland in the area, said:“Will it take the death of an expectant mother who’s marooned at home or the sweeping away of a vehicle filled with residents for work on the bridge at Font Hill to be expedited? This is a matter of health and wellness and safety. The resources are already on site, just push for the work to be done.

“Work needs to be happening day and night on the bridge. That level of diligence has been seen in the urban areas – aren’t the tax dollars, lives and ease of living of rural residents just as valuable?”


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