Jamaica: How Court Ruling Enabled Child Rapist

Cecil Brown got off with a slap on the wrist three years ago after he was convicted for sexual assault involving a five-year-old child.

Brown, 54, was sentenced to six months in prison for grievous assault in the Clarendon Parish Court on July 14, 2017, but the judge ordered that the punishment be suspended for three years.

At the time of the sentencing, the Clarendon man had three previous convictions – for assault occasioning bodily harm, unlawful wounding, and shop-breaking.

Less than three weeks after his release, he held down a then 13-year-old girl inside his home over two days and forcibly had sex with her twice. Now, he is going to prison for almost two decades.

Two weeks ago, according to court records obtained by The Gleaner, he was sentenced in the Clarendon Circuit Court to 18 years in prison at hard labour for the attack on the now 15-year-old victim.


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