Cuba: Will November 1 be D-Day in Cuba?

HAVANA TIMES – When speaking to a crowd, one should be as careful or more careful than when defusing a land mine.

Marino Murillo is the maximum person in charge of the Communist Party for the implementation of the economic reforms. On a recent Round Table on Cuban TV, he gave as an example the case of a “ponchero” tire repairman.  It didn’t take 48 hours for a private worker in this service to raise the price five times for blowing air into a wheel.

If there’s something in excess today in Cuba, it’s precisely the pretexts or arguments to raise prices in private activity. Not to mention the always harmful, but last resort illicit market. First comes the blockade being hardened, and COVID-19, which has prevented the arrival of tourism and family visits. Both elements, plus others that could be added, have contributed to the current situation.

Then there are the lines, and not precisely those to acquire chicken or other means of survival. Almost endless lines also exist at offices for paperwork with the high ingredient of exhaustion and all kinds of annoyances.


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